Every business needs a website. When done correctly, a professionally-done website can drive traffic, generate leads and increase revenue for a company. And when it comes to website building, you have two major options: hire website designers to do the job for you or go DIY and build one yourself.

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Being a website builder, you might think that Strikingly is biased against web designers for hire. We do think that each route serves a particular need. We also see the value when you hire a webdesigner. To help you make an informed decision, here are the pros and cons of hiring web designers near me vs. building a website on your own.


One of the most significant differences between hiring a professional website designer near me and opting to go DIY is the overhead cost. Prices for web design services depend on the kind of website you are looking to build but in general, they are still significantly higher when you outsource this task to a professional.

The services of a professional web designer for hire are in demand today because businesses appreciate the revenue generating potential of a website. You pay a premium for the guarantee that you’ll get a website up on schedule and it’s not going to be just a one and done site. The design and build of the website will be according to your specifications.

Controlling costs is important for any business. There are things - such as a personal domain and website hosting - that you’ll need to spend for but if you want to minimize the overhead expense, you can go the DIY route instead of outsourcing to a freelance web designer. Website builders, such as Strikingly, offer competitive rates for paid plans which include website hosting, domain registration and even email accounts.


Building a professional website takes time - something that you may not have a lot of if you’re also managing your business. This is one reason why you’ll probably want to outsource to a web designer near me. Building your own website means you’ll need to devote some time and energy to the project - and away from operations. This may be critical especially if you’re a one-man company and you need to be focusing on other aspects of running your business.

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Meanwhile, for small businesses that are just about take off, time might be something that budding entrepreneurs can spare for website building. Combined with the limited resource that they can allocate to this project, it might make more sense for them to create their website on their own rather than to rely on professional website designers.

You will also find that it’s no longer as complicated to get a website up within a reasonable period of time these days. With the help of website builders, it is possible to have a website up and running in just a few hours, even. A professional website designer will require a few days at most to get your site up because he’s most likely going to need to code it from ground up.


If you are the kind of person who has a clear idea in his head as to how your website looks like and how you want the entire project to go, it will probably be difficult for you to relinquish control to a web designer. Creating a website on your own gives you more flexibility and creative control because you get to make decisions on the platform to use, where to get web hosting and down to designing the look and feel of the site. No matter how clearly you communicate to a professional what you want to see on your site, disconnects and miscommunications happen so you may not get exactly what you want.