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If you want to remind your subscribers about your business plan, you must check out the latest online newsletter ideas. Through your newsletter, you can send different kinds of information to your potential customers. Once they go through your newsletter, it will be easier for them to decide about buying from your online business or not. Newsletters have been part of many business plans over the years. Many websites on Strikingly promote the use of newsletters.

It is stated that even though email marketing takes time to show considerable results, it is the right form of marketing for businessmen around the world. The best way to form an email list is to create a subscription plan on your online website. You can incentivize your site visitors to attain a subscription to your website. Make sure that your form is simple and easy to read for anyone who lands on your website.

What is an Online Newsletter?

Before we get into the importance to create a newsletter, we must know what is a newsletter. It is defined as the means of business to communicate important information to the relevant customers, clients, and subscribers. Newsletters are one of the important components for you to increase online sales, drive website traffic and publish relevant content by getting access to the audience’s inbox.

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Most importantly, email campaigns are very easy to administer. Through many online platforms, you can alter and track the progress of your email campaigns. Going through the progress paves the way for the additional success of your business. If you have a healthy email marketing strategy, you will give your visitors various reasons to click on your email and go through your content. If you are unable to get a high click-through rate, either you are not producing quality content or the copywriter you have hired isn’t good enough.

Importance of Newsletter

1. Knowledge

If you know what is the purpose of a newsletter, it is likely that you will have two terms in mind i.e., knowledge and information. An online newsletter is essential for brand awareness. Through the newsletters, the visitors will not just be able to gain knowledge of your business but will also be informed about the services and products.

In today’s online world, digital advertisements aren’t enough for brand awareness. Advertisements don't need to reach your potential buyers' required level. Most potential buyers will likely be uninformed about your services and products if you rely on ads alone. Therefore, newsletters can be vital in bringing out the complete picture of your business. Adding visual descriptions and including quality links will give more reasons for your visitors to stay on your business website.

2. Marketing

When you go through various online newsletter examples on Strikingly, you will realize that all of these websites have one thing in common i.e. they have an appropriate marketing plan. In 2022, email newsletters have become one of the most effective ways to promote services and products inside your company. When creating promotional strategies, you can create demographics or precise information on specific deals.

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If your visitors find your deals profitable, they will not hesitate to click that link. By clicking on that link, they will land on the article or the eCommerce product page to get all the required information related to their prescribed product or service. You can also involve major announcements or discounts on valuable products to your customers.

The Process to Create a Good Newsletter

1. Create a Website

To get the best out of your online newsletter ideas, it is better that you establish a professional website on Strikingly. By having a Strikingly website, you will be able to access the Strikingly website editor and include the newsletter feature in it. If you want to create a website on Strikingly, make sure that you come to our landing page and complete the registration process. If you want to gain access to the newsletter feature, you must upgrade your subscription plan to the VIP or Audience plan.

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After completing the registration, you will come to the collection of our website templates. Here, you can choose one of the templates, customize it as per your niche and publish it. Once the customization is complete, you can start adding the content of your company, such as the company background, mission statement, objectives, and eCommerce products. You must also include a contact form, where you display all the contact details related to you and your marketing team.

2. Go to Newsletter Feature

If you go through all the online newsletter examples on Strikingly, they all make the most out of the Strikingly dashboard. If you want to access the Strikingly newsletter feature, you must follow the same wavelength by going to the dashboard, clicking on “newsletter” and “send a newsletter”. This will lead you to a screen where you can add the newsletter content and choose the recipients.

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Once the editor opens up, you can start typing the body of your email. As part of the content optimization strategy, you can add links, images, and buttons as part of your email. Moreover, you can only attract your visitors by writing catchy content. The more elements you utilize in your email, the more chances you will attract visitors via your emails.

3. Select Newsletter Recipients

Once you are done with the content of your online newsletter, the next step involves the selection of the newsletter recipients. Strikingly’s website editor enables you to manage your contacts by gaining access to the audience list. If you had gone through a tutorial on what is a newsletter, you would have found a lot of content related to an email subscription.

Email subscription is conducted by all your website visitors who have subscribed via the subscription form or by purchasing an eCommerce product from your store. This is a crucial step because you cannot afford to send emails to the wrong audience. For example, suppose your newsletter is related to a product update. You should only send those newsletters to the people who have either bought a product from your store previously or shown interest in buying.

4. Test Sale Email

Before actually submitting an online newsletter to your contact list, it is better if you send a test email to your own email address. You will find many newsletter examples online that follow the same strategy. By opting for this strategy, you will understand how the newsletter looks in the eyes of your recipients. There is a chance that you need to work on your text alignment or image resolution so it can load faster. Strikingly editor provides you with a feature to send newsletters to your email address before sending them to the recipients.

Strikingly’s Newsletter Feature

Just like many online platforms, Strikingly is a massive advocate of sending online newsletters to subscribers. We provide our users with a newsletter feature that enables you to send emails to the visitors that have submitted their details on the website forms. The website forms can be sign-up, blog subscription, or online store sales. You can find this feature in the newsletter section of Strikingly’s dashboard.

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If you want to know what is the purpose of a newsletter, it is to make sure that you give your visitors reasons to return to your website. If you can create quality content in your emails, there is no reason why your visitors won’t return to your Strikingly website. Once you create your newsletter, you have three options:

  • You can send a test email to your personal email address. This will give you a better understanding of how a newsletter works.
  • If you are yet to finalize your newsletter, you can save it in the form of a draft.
  • If your newsletter is ready with no further checking required, you can send the newsletter right away to your contacts.


There is no doubt that email lists are one of the most important assets of your online business. If you want to ensure that your business elevates to the highest levels, you and your marketing team must develop innovative online newsletter ideas. You will expect a high click-through rate by sending proper emails to your customers. The more ideal content you produce in your newsletters, the more chances for your visitors to open the link inside the email.

The best way to complete this task is by creating a newsletter checklist. Having an updated newsletter checklist will maintain consistency within your emails. This will also help you create a brand personality to overcome customer queries. By relying on an effective website builder, such as Strikingly, you will not just complete your email marketing initiatives but also see a dramatic rise in your return on investment (ROI). So without wasting any further time, head over to Strikingly and complete your email marketing objectives.