Most entrepreneurs understand the power of a well designed HTML website to attract business but they still tend to approach the subject of website building with much apprehension because of the perceived expense. For businesses with limited budgets, it can be quite challenging to fully embrace the concept of creating a website for brand building and digital marketing. Understandably, their money could be better used for other things such as product development and daily operations.

html website budget

To put your mind at ease, we have prepared a brief cost comparison of the website building process based on two popular routes: professional web design services and html website templates by website builders.

Domain name

A business needs a personalized domain name. This is your company’s unique address on the internet. Domain name registration gives you the rights to use this address for at least a year and is subject to renewal. You can do this separately if your professional html website builder service does not do it for you and costs start at $10 depending on the registration agreement.

Meanwhile, if you use an HTML website creator platform such as Strikingly, you can do one of two things: get a free domain name that contains the website builder’s branding - in this case, your website address is [yourname] - or you can upgrade to a paid account and get domain registration service for free for the first year. No matter which route you take, you will still maintain access to the platform’s numerous website HTML templates.

Web hosting and setup

The next step is to set up your web host. This is the platform where all your website’s files including your HTML website template are going to live. A professional HTML website maker will most likely help you get a web host and set up the right environment for your site’s files. This area of web development will cost you around $150-$200 per year depending on the hosting environment you will select. More security features may also cost you extra.

On the other hand, a free HTML website builder will host your website free of charge. In fact, as far as set up is concerned, all you need to do is to sign up with your platform of choice and you’re pretty much ready to start building out of the provided free HTML website templates.

Web design and development

Now comes the actual heavy lifting to get your website up - designing the website and writing the code to turn it into a page that we all recognize. Professional fees for creating a custom website design and building the actual website start at around $5000 depending on the extent of the project. For instance, if your website has multiple pages and a variety of different features, the cost can go up.

html website development

If you use a website builder, you get access to free HTML website templetes so you don’t have to pay extra for good web design. These web templates are designed to suit most industries and are ready to take your content and convert it to engaging web copy.

Strikingly features a collection of free HTML web templets that are mobile responsive so you don’t need to write CSS rules that will make the design adapt to different screen sizes. After selecting a template, you can customize your website’s color scheme and fonts to suit your brand’s image.

Content planning and copywriting

Professional web page template development services may also offer content development if you don’t have any existing content for your website yet. Depending on the number of pages and how much content needs to be written, this part of website building can cost upwards of $500. If you use free HTML web templates, you can undertake copywriting on your own so you don’t have to pay extra for this service. The templates are divided into sections with content placeholders to give you an idea of what might go into which section.