There’s a reason why restaurants continue to stay in business even through several bouts of recession and economic crises. People love to eat. But how do you get a customer to pick your restaurant over the other options in your area? Creating a website is a start considering that 88% of local searches lead to a call or a visit to the business within a day. Learn how to design a website that brings in old patrons and new diners to your restaurant in this article.

how to design a website for your restaurant

1. Understand your target audience

The first step in how to design your own website is getting to know the three types of people who visit a restaurant website: returning customers, new local customers, and new customers coming from out of town. These three groups of audiences have varied reasons for visiting your site. Returning customers may be looking for a phone number or email address to contact for reservations or takeaway orders. New customers might need to be enticed with great web design to visit your restaurant or call in. Understanding what drives your audience to your site makes it easier for you to plan your restaurant website’s design and content.

2. Use high quality visuals

One important pro tip you should remember on how to design a website for a restaurant is to create a visually inviting experience for your visitor. Users cannot smell the amazing aroma of food coming from your kitchens but high quality images of the food, the restaurant interiors and the storefront can create a virtual gastronomic experience to get visitors from your site to your actual premises.

how to design your own website

Using video backgrounds on your site is also a good way of engaging customers. If the budget calls for it, have a professional videographer take a high quality video of your restaurant, or film the story behind it. Don’t take photos or videos for the sake of having something to put up on your website. Make sure each visual is worth putting up there. Start strong by putting the high-impact images or video first.

Strikingly’s site editor features a gallery section where you can post your best images and videos of your restaurant for everyone to see. Make sure you use this to your advantage.

3. Write engaging copy about your food

Your restaurant website is supposed to sell your food to potential patrons, make sure your copy does that as well. It only takes 5 seconds to attract your visitor’s attention. Make sure that the text on your website is well thought-out. Some people tend to overlook this but a simple description of the type of cuisine or food that you serve is usually the best way to reel customers in.

4. Navigation is important

Another tip on how to design a website for free is to make sure that your design doesn’t make it difficult for users to get around your site. People should be able to find what they are looking for on your site in 1-2 clicks. For instance, returning customers looking for your contact info for reservations should be able to get access to this information easily. Don’t make customers hunt for things that you can easily present such as restaurant menu and the link to contact you directly.

5. Add a social feed

Linking your social media profiles to your website is the best way to keep your site content updated. It gives you the opportunity to automatically publish images and videos from your social pages. Strikingly has a Social Feed section that you can add to your site to integrate Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter feeds to your website.