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Instagram is one of the many social media platforms that are most commonly used by businesses and companies globally. With over 200 million users, there is a real growing and active audience that you can engage with. When you get more Instagram followers, you set your business up for more growth opportunities. In this article, we will tell you all about how to grow Instagram followers and how that can help you and your business in the long run.

10 Tips on How to Get More Followers on Instagram

1. Stand Out By Posting Clear-cut Quality

As Instagram is mainly for photographs and videos, it is only reasonable to expect users to post high-quality content. Thus, if you want to get more Instagram followers, your posts should be of great quality. There are many users and content creators that are very creative, innovative, and professional with each post they make so you need to step up your game if you want to increase Instagram followers of your account. Be thoughtful and original, even when you are keeping up with the latest trends. And make sure that in each post and story you make, it isn’t blurred or pixelated. There are a lot of photography tips and tricks that you can do if a professional photographer isn’t within reach at the moment. Research about how you can maintain the high-resolution quality of your photos and videos as you post them. And don’t forget that part of the quality is the profoundness and wit of the captions you have for your photos.

2. Consistency is Key

No one likes inconsistency. To get more Instagram followers, you need to have a consistent schedule of when you post your photos and videos, add to your stories, or go live. We’re not saying that you have to post daily (though, it also isn’t to say that you can’t) but you have to make sure that your followers don’t lose sight of you. There are millions of accounts and users, and if you aren’t constantly updating your profile, it could eventually be buried under the millions of Instagram accounts that are active on the platform. To grow Instagram followers, you have to avoid this at all costs. So much like an advertising campaign, you have to create a plan and a schedule of when to post new content and what kind of content to post. Do not make the mistake of posting content just for the sake of posting, that won’t help much too. You need to not only be consistent with your updates, but you also have to remember to be consistent with your brand and the kind of content you put out. Believe it or not, when you get more followers on Instagram, you also get people who can criticize and notice the kind of content you post; so you want to make sure that what they are noticing are good and exceptional kinds of content.

3. Interact and Be Inclusive

Instagram is home to millions of accounts. Besides it being a good way to get more followers on Instagram, interacting with people is also a great way to build and maintain relationships with all of your followers. Reply to comments, add to your Instagram story the stories of users who tag you, or converse with them through direct messages. No matter what, make an effort to even just acknowledge them. Make it known to them that you are approachable and you are accepting of anyone and everyone. This might increase your chances of attracting more people to engage with you, and thus, you get more followers on Instagram.

4. Optimize Your Profile

With all the accounts and posts on Instagram daily, it is fairly easy for your account to be just another dime in a dozen - and you won’t get more Instagram followers that way. One of the ways that you can remedy this is by optimizing your profile. Unlike Facebook and other social media platforms, Instagram only allows you a bit of space to optimize your profile. But to grow Instagram followers, it is helpful to have your profile account verified. You optimize your account further by making sure that your account handle (your username) is easy to search and stumble upon. Veer away from complicated and hard-to-spell names that Instagram users won’t be able to remember well enough to search and follow. You should also take great advantage of the bio space that is given to you. Use it to give them a sense of who you are and what you have to offer.

Instagram Profile

5. Hashtags Are Never a Bad Idea

A good way to end up on a random person’s Instagram Explore page is to use hashtags. Photography hashtags are Instagram's way of gathering together posts on the same topic. Thus, if you want to get more Instagram followers, it is smart to put hashtags on each of your posts. This will allow your post to be included and seen on the explore page of a person searching for the hashtag - or already following the hashtag. Yes, people on Instagram can follow hashtags. So using hashtags can easily be your way to get more followers on Instagram. Just be careful not to use too many hashtags and not to use hashtags that come across as forceful or weird like “#followforfollow”. That doesn’t come across as attractive or good for many Instagram accounts. Research and scour this social media platform and look for the most appropriate hashtags for business people like you.

6. Where You At?

Location tags are a good way for you to make a much greater impact and more permanent mark on Instagram and eventually, get more Instagram followers. Instagram allows you to tag your location on Instagram posts and Instagram stories. This optimizes your account for further reach. Not only do you emphasize and advertise the location of your stores, but you also set yourself up to be more easily searchable. Using location tags is also a great way to go local. Reaching out to the local audience will always be a good way for you to reach more people easily and get more followers on Instagram.

7. Collaborate and Expand Your Reach

Collaborating with other Instagram users is another great way for you to get more Instagram followers. You can find accounts and people who already have a great number of followers to partner with so that they can help you promote your business and your account. But take note that collaborating with accounts and businesses that are, like you, still growing their followers base is also a good idea. The main thing is for you to utilize this potential for good collaboration. You can increase Instagram followers by simply being seen and tagged in another account. And conversely, you can help other businesses like you to also be followed.

8. Encourage Tags by Customers and Followers

Sending your customers orders with good packaging and a little love note to tell them how much you appreciate them and their order is a great idea. But to add to that, why not add your Instagram handle to this note so that they can easily tag your Instagram account when they post a picture of your product. This easily adds to your business’ organic growth and promotion. You can further encourage tags by adding their tagged posts or stories to your own Instagram stories. You can add a little GIF or note telling them that you appreciate their order and their tags.

9. Use IGTV, Instagram Stories, IG Live, and Instagram Highlights.

To ensure that you get more Instagram followers, you have to take advantage of what you’ve got. Instagram has many features that you can use daily to promote your business and all your products. Using them right also gives you a chance to grow Instagram followers steadily. You can go live on Instagram and talk to your followers (and those who stumbled upon your live). Afterward, you can use IGTV to save this live video to your profile itself. IGTV allows you to post 15 minutes to an hour of video content so that you can interact and get more followers on Instagram. Instagram Stories are also widely used by a lot of influencers and business people. The impermanence brought upon the 24-hour visibility of Instagram stories is one of the highlights of why it is convenient for businesses to use. You can post daily and consecutively without worrying about flooding your profile too much. And if ever you want to keep a particular story up for more than 24 hours, you can add it to your Instagram highlights so your followers can see it now and then.

10. Share Your Instagram Posts on Other Platforms.

You can branch out and bring your posts on Instagram on other social media platforms and even your website. You can easily share your posts on Twitter, Facebook, and even Gmail or Discord. This way, you can bring your followers from other social media platforms to your Instagram account. You can get more Instagram followers if you can show your followers how well you post on your Instagram. You can easily do this by syncing your accounts together. You can even add a social media feed of your Instagram on your website.

How To Grow Instagram Followers With Strikingly Social Feed

1. Log-in or Sign Up With Strikingly.

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2. Open Your Strikingly Site Editor and Add New Section.

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3. Go to “Advanced” Options and Add “Social Feed”

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4. Add Your Instagram Account

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5. Get More Instagram Followers with a Social Feed on Your Website

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People enjoy scrolling through their phones daily. And one of the most used apps of today is Instagram. Home to regular people, celebrities, and even business owners, Instagram has become a platform where people can easily connect. When you get more Instagram followers, you easily grow your audience and potential customers that you have. If you increase Instagram followers, you increase the chances of leading people to your business website, to purchase your products, and even of having more people share and advertise your business on the different social media platforms. Sign up with Strikingly and explore all the ways we can help you grow.