Essential Elements of a highly converting product page

The home page of an online store is essential because it is the first interface customers see when they open the website. However, we cannot undermine the significance of a product page because e-Commerce websites cannot make money without it.

Unlike the homepage or other landing pages, the e-Commerce product pages intend for a single campaign and immediately convey the value of the featured product. They describe various features of the product that tell the consumer how it looks, portray it appealingly, and convince them that it's something they should have. If you want to hook your customers, a top-notch product page is the best practice to showcase your products.

A product detail page may contain several features or essential elements that can vary from website to website. We have listed a few critical factors that can add value to your product page design and make your website more premium.

What is a product detail page?

A product page is a page on a website that displays the products a customer can purchase. This page shows different specifications of a product, such as its price, reviews, and various other features, and hence assists the customers in deciding what to purchase.

Importance of product pages

The product page can make or break your marketing endeavors and online store sales. You can increase your profit from a similar marketing tactic if you have an organized and sleekly designed eCommerce product page. In short, a well-structured product page has the potential to hook the audience and make them buy from your online store. Nevertheless, misunderstanding this essential page can result in losing many achievable customers. You should not overlook the significance of a product page and try your best to exploit it by transforming it into your store's mysterious sales-driving weapon.

Essential Elements of a Product Page

The success or failure of an e-commerce business depends on its product pages' quality. Investing a similar measure of energy into item pages as you do into organizing the actual products is necessary.

Although eCommerce product page designs vary from one online store to another, there are some elements that every product page must have, regardless of what you are selling or presenting your brand name. Some of the essential product page elements are:

1. Product Image

One of the essential elements of product page design is the product image. Online business storekeepers know that customers won't buy a product if they can't see a picture. It is crucial to add product images to product pages. Images should show the product from multiple angles against a neutral background, preferably white.

Storekeepers can also include more imaginative photos, such as images of everyday life and the e-commerce product in a situation where it is used. However, they should be considered optional to the perfect and unadorned product images that a potential client first sees when he visits an e-commerce product page. All product images should be appropriately sized and corrected for color and balance. Photo galleries are another essential element of a product page, with various photos of the products sold. Another trend is adding a 360 view of the product or a video in the gallery.

2. Product Information

In addition to product images, the product page should include other important information about the product, like its title, price, features, customization options, etc. You can give an overview of the product here in the theoretical form. You can also add different customization options and call to action also. Using different fonts, colors, and icons in place of dull text is the best practice.

3. Product Description

With product descriptions and images, a store owner can sell and transform a site visitor into a shopper. Although pictures convey more information than words, the importance of a product detail page is non-negotiable.

From the thread count and material quality used in bedding and fabrics to various other internal features, many attributes are difficult to convey through pictures. Hence, product descriptions are crucial to provide a wide range of product information in a concise, easy-to-read format to increase sales and satisfy customers. Adding different specifications of products in the list form is another way to hook your visitors.

4. Reviews and Ratings of the Product

Customer reviews on your product are e-commerce advertising tools that should be prominent on product pages. They complement the product description on an e-commerce product page and provide an alternate point of view on how the item looks, feels, and functions. Various marketing surveys have demonstrated the adequacy of adding reviews on e-commerce product pages. The incorporation of reviews ought to be pre-planned, yet clearly can't be utilized until purchasers give them. The reviews also increase the conversion rate by increasing customers' trust.

5. Humanly Contacts and FAQs

Adding your contact information and frequently asked questions is one of the eCommerce product page best practices for the e-commerce product page. You must add links about your return or exchange policy on the product page. Try to answer all possible queries about your product in the FAQs. Think with a consumer's mind and add related questions so that the visitor doesn't leave your website to search for information on Google.

How to create a killer product page on Strikingly?

Strikingly can help you to create a premium product page design for your e-commerce store. The best thing is that you can use most of the essential product page elements using the free plan. If you don't have your online e-commerce store, sign in with Strikingly and create your first online e-commerce store. You can add a "store" to your Strikingly website from the section.

Here are a few steps to make a highly converting product page design:

1. Adding the product

Strikingly enables you to add at least 300 products to your e-commerce store. With Strikingly, you can sell three types of products at your online store, i.e., services, physical items, and digital downloads. Select any of the three product types to define what you are selling.

Product Types

Image taken from Strikingly

2. Adding a product image

You can add about ten product images by clicking on the "upload image." You can browse your PC or mobile phone to add your product's images. You can look for your product-related pictures in the Strikingly image library. With the drag-and-drop editor of the website builder, you can upload photos with just a few clicks.

3. Product Name and Description

Add the name of your product to inform the visitors about your yield. Strikingly enables you to add a description of 1200 letters. You must keep the report short so that visitors don't get bored. You can also skip the product description if you want. However, it would be better to add it.

Product name and description

Image taken from Strikingly

4. Adding product price

It would be best if you mentioned the price. Strikingly gives you the option of changing currency to your preferred one. One of the best marketing tips is showing a reference price and a discounted price on different items. Strikingly has made way for you by giving you the option of both a sale price and a reference price. You can also change the price concerning the color and size of the product. A screenshot of product page settings is attached here for your guidance.

With Strikingly, you can also keep your visitors up-to-date about the stock of products, whether you have unlimited items or only are left.

Product prices

Image taken from Strikingly

5. Adding product categories

You can add different product categories on your product detail page if you have more than one e-commerce product. Product categories can be added in the Pro version. You can skip this step if you have only one e-commerce product. You can subscribe to the Pro plan for creating categories in the future. You can add, create, delete or edit the sections at any time, depending on your needs. Filtering products according to preferences is also available in the Strikingly online store. You can activate this option if you have multiple products. It will help your customers filter out the items of their choice effortlessly.

Product categories

Image taken from Strikingly

6. Adding product reviews

The Strikingly Pro plan enables you to activate the option of product reviews. You can ask the consumers to give feedback about your items and tell them how their experience was in the form of ratings of five stars. At Strikingly, you can select a few reviews that will appear in your store. You can approve and reject different reviews from your customers by enabling the option of product reviews.

Product reviews

Image taken from Strikingly

Bottom Line:

The Product Page is the backbone of an e-commerce store and allows you to hook the visitors. By designing a killer product page, you can convert your visitors into potential customers. Strikingly is undoubtedly the best website builder for creating an engaging product page. Now, how you present the information and showcase your products on the page is in your hands. If you are running any business, sign in with Strikingly to design a premium e-commerce page without making any investment.