Movie Review Website

When you decide to make a movie review website, your first task is to capture your audience’s attention. Whether the genre is romance, horror, or fiction, your goal is to convert emotions into an encouraging narrative. Numerous artists, filmmakers, and directors executed their tasks properly and won a lot of fame and money. Moreover, they respect the reviews given by their audience regardless of it being good or bad.

If you want to make a career out of movies and cinemas, you must know that your career will be anything but straightforward. Everyone has access to movie-making techniques and software, increasing competition in the market. Having said that, it is not a foregone conclusion.

One of the ways to create a stable career in this is to create a review website of your movies. If you want to be on the same wavelength, you couldn’t have come to a better place.

Features of a Movie Review Website

If you have decided to make a movie review website, such as IMDB, you don’t need to look beyond Strikingly. We will enable you to create visuals that coincide with your website idea. We will help you select an appropriate color scheme that will ensure that your visitors pay attention to your website right away. The best thing about it is that you don’t even need a professional degree or working experience to get yourself started with this.

You can create your review website as a beginner. Choosing the right website template on Strikingly will give your website a good feel of what your audience expects to see. Moreover, it will have numerous features, such as

  • Rating and review system can be used by registered users
  • Infinite entries that let you include as many movies as you want
  • All movies labeled with useful information or movie review
  • Movie trailers
  • Categorization of movies as per genres
  • Addition of showtimes which allows you to list the number of movies that can be shown in local cinemas

Strategies for Making a Movie Review Website

1. Website Layout

Like you are producing a movie, you need to create a website before that. Like your movie needs a plot, your movie review website needs an effective layout. Once you have a high-quality website layout, your website will look more user-friendly. For example, you shouldn’t start your website with a contact section without any reason. A good website layout will enable your customers to understand the website content easily.

quality website layout

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

After that, just like you require an idea to make people understand what your movie looks like, you need to ensure that you create compelling visuals for your review website. By identifying a good color scheme, you can create visuals effectively. Thirdly, you should also pay attention to the images regarding the website’s visuals. A good impression of your history or work will enable you to create a good reputation for your website.

2. Create a Brand

When you create a movie review website, one thing that must stand out from the rest of your competition is the brand. Once you create an ideal brand identity, you can stand out from the rest of your competitors, knowing that the people will have your work in mind. If we talk about filmmaking, numerous directors can create a movie based on a similar plot, but their output may show a totally different movie. In this case, your brand will act as a plot.

3. Website Template

When you go through the tutorial on how to create a movie review website, one of the most significant talking points will be about the website template. Your chosen website template will create an identity for your website. If your template is not good enough, there is no reason for customers to prefer you over any other movie website. In fact, likely, you won’t even be able to retain your current customers.

top website template

Image taken from Strikingly

On Strikingly, you can easily customize website templates as per your creativity skills. You can go through several website templates and select one as per your will. If you cannot decide on a website template, you can go through several websites created by other Strikingly users. By doing this, you will understand the steps they took to create their website.

4. Title Page

One of the most important things about movie review websites is the title page. In a movie website, this section can entirely depend on your creativity. Your title page may contain a video as a sign of a welcoming gesture. You can also give your background details and your working experience. Overall, you have to ensure that you put something interesting on the title page that makes your website engaging right from the start.

best title page

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

The reason for engaging content is that it will determine whether your customers will be willing to browse your movie website or not. For example, Digital Concept on Strikingly provides customers with a fantastic introductory video that gets the customers' attention right from the start. By this approach, the visitors will understand the website owner’s working style before they start scrolling through the rest of the website. On Strikingly, you can easily include a video at the top of your website.

5. “About Us” Page

If you look at the top movie review websites around the world, the “About Us” pages carry a lot of importance. Once the visitors understand your working background, it will be easier for them to trust you. If you think that your working experience isn’t enough, you can include some of your working examples on your website as well. The “About Us” page can have different labels, such as about, mission, story, etc.

about us section

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

In the about section, you write down a story that you have prepared beforehand. Apart from that, you can also include your educational history and some of your personal achievements. Having an about section has become somewhat of a necessity for any website because it is an extension of your business personality. They should convince the customers that they aren’t robots that are just there to provide the services or products. They are also human beings and have their lives.

6. Portfolio Section

Once the visitors have an idea about your story, the next thing they would want is to display more of your works. For this reason, you must include a portfolio section when you create a movie review website. It acts as the meat of your director’s portfolio website as it can turn your visitors into potential clients. There are numerous ways to create a portfolio section on Strikingly, such as creating a gallery or putting a big media section to display your work.

7. Contact Section

If a visitor likes your work or your website and wants you to accommodate him/her in your working plans, there won’t be a better feeling than that. For this reason, you include a contact section on your website. Through the contact section, your visitors will be able to get in touch with you directly. You can include your personal details, such as phone number, email address, and social media profiles.

website contact section

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

On the reverse, you can also note down the visitor’s contact details and send them newsletters through your professional email. You can keep your customers aware of all the updates surrounding your movie review website through this approach. Sometimes, the visitors may not be able to contact via social media because either the business owner doesn’t reply to their comments or simply does not read their messages. Therefore, it is important to share as many details as possible so that the customer can find a way to contact you.


After going through all the strategies given above, we are sure that you have established one of the best movie review websites that you can imagine. By owning a review website, you will be able to display your work, which may help you land a job. Even though a career in movies and cinemas is quite difficult, it is not impossible. By creating a review website of your movies, you can give yourself a chance to establish a successful career in this regard.

By selecting one of the website templates on Strikingly, you can customize it as per your website idea and make it look engaging to the eye. You have to ensure that your website looks ideal right from the title page. Make sure that you tell the audience about your story, struggles, and landmarks. Lastly, make sure to add contact details to your website so that the visitors can be in touch with you easily. So without wasting any more time, create a review website of your movies on Strikingly and ensure that the audience remembers your work.