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It is a digital world, and all the processes must be as quick as a flash. To get things done quickly and efficiently, we need automation tools. Like all other fields, we also need to automate our marketing strategies to keep pace with the world. Email autoresponders can help you in this regard. They will help you automatically send the right messages to your customers at the right time.

Using automatic emails, you will consistently engage with your customers without wasting time and boost your conversion rates. Due to these benefits, email automation has become a staple marketing tool. If you are scratching your head regarding " what is an email autoresponder" and "how to create an email autoresponder," here is the complete cheat sheet to help you.

What is an Email Autoresponder?

An email autoresponder is a tool used by businesses to send emails to their clients and customers automatically. This automated email is delivered in response to a particular trigger. Depending on the type of company involved, each email autoresponder has a distinct format or content. However, the triggers can be any activities and interactions performed by your clients, such as:

  • filling out a form
  • buying something
  • sign up for a subscription
  • leaving their cart empty
  • certain clicks

Automatic email

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How to Create an Effective Email Autoresponder

There are no strict guidelines for developing an email autoresponder. Different organizations and businesses have their format for email autoresponders. The following advice will help you create a compelling email autoresponder:

1. Collect Enough Data and Emails about Your Clients

Be aware that personalization should coexist with automation in email autoresponders. Adding enough personal information will help provide a personalized experience to customers and tie strong relationships with them. Your ability to gather the relevant details determines how tailored your automated emails will be. With enough relevant information, effective email automation is possible. Try to collect following information through contact forms, etc.:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address

Contact forms

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2. Do Strategic Planning before Sending Email Autoresponder

You should have a purpose and a plan before embarking on email automation. Email autoresponders need to be pre-planned and supported by reliable and relevant data, just like any other marketing plan. It's not advisable to send an automated email hastily or heedlessly. You define your consumer segment lists and sketch the precise objectives before constructing email autoresponders.

3. Write a persuasive Email Copy

Make a strategy to stand out and attract people to open your emails after reading the subject line. Get personal with them and talk to them as friends rather than salespeople. To truly personalize your automatic email copy, use the data you discovered throughout your investigation.

Additionally, your email autoresponder must be convincing. After reading your email, recipients should feel inspired and motivated to do what you want from them. You may shift the emphasis away from your company and provide them with the care, support, and appreciation they require. You can hit their pain points and provide them with a solution to their problems.

When to send an Email Autoresponder?

Email autoresponders hold an important place in marketing strategies. Following are some triggers for which you can use email autoresponders:

  • To send happy birthday wishes.
  • To motivate the customers to cross-sell after they purchase a particular item.
  • Inform users when their memberships are about to expire or renew.
  • Re-engage inactive consumers after a predetermined period.
  • Re-engage clients who might have left a cart.
  • Remind a person that they still need to complete a profile, survey, or other tasks.

Email auto responder triggers

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Benefits of Employing Email Autoresponders in Marketing

Your business's marketing initiatives benefit from using an efficient email autoresponder because it is an integral part of any holistic marketing scheme. Here are some key benefits:

1. Higher Engagement Rating

Engagements are your clients' interactions and activities on your websites. By sending relevant and timely messages to your clients, you may enhance the likelihood that they will reply and engage better. It is possible by employing email autoresponders in marketing. You will win clients if you add personalization to your automatic email.

2. Lead nurturing

You can advance your leads with the use of an email autoresponder. Following up with your clients or website visitors may make a massive difference in their status in the sales funnel. You can use automatic emails to provide your consumers with more appropriate, engaging, and beneficial material.

3. Conversion-oriented optimization

Email autoresponders help nurture leads, but they can eventually encourage site visitors to become potential clients. When a consumer leaves their basket empty or asks a query, you may send email autoresponders as a response.

Use automatic emails constructively to demonstrate how much you care about your customers and how much you want to assist them. On the other hand, if someone added products to their basket but never finished purchasing, you can send them an email autoresponder. It will remind them to revisit your shop. However, don't appear overly aggressive because it would not suit you or your company.

4. Strengthening of Customer Relationships

In any relationship, connections are crucial. Email autoresponders give you a chance to reconnect with your customers. You may program the automatic emails to be delivered after particular days. For example, You can trigger a monthly anniversary and send an email autoresponder to your customers for completing 30 days of subscription. Such actions will indicate how much you regard your clients. Your customers would be very grateful if you could acknowledge and thank them this way. It will also help you develop long-term relationships with your clients.

5. Efficiency and time saving

Utilizing an email autoresponder may save you time and effort, which is likely its most significant benefit. Email autoresponders function so that you only need to set them up once. Regardless of the number of people pressing the trigger or how many times the trigger gets touched, your company will send automatic emails. Consider how convenient it would be if emails could be automatically created and edited. Consider how much time you will save by not having to check for changes and interactions constantly. If you have an email autoresponder, consider how much of your energy is protected and may be utilized for other things.

Creating Email Autoresponders with Strikingly

Strikingly also enables you to set up email autoresponders for your websites. Thanks to the email automation feature in Strikingly editor, your emails are automatically forwarded to your audience in response to a particular trigger you choose. You can set any triggers with the Strikingly email automation feature:

  • Submits a form response
  • Completes a purchase from your store
  • Becomes a member
  • Subscribes to your blog
  • Quits a shopping cart

The best thing is that you can set up email autoresponders with a few clicks. You don't need to be tech-savvy to enable this feature. Go through the following steps to set up email autoresponders with Strikingly:

1. Enter your Strikingly login information.

2. Open the site editor from your Dashboard.

3. The "Audience" menu will be available in the "Settings" section. Click "Email Automations," which is a subcategory of this menu.

Email Automation

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4. You will see the "Create New Automation" option here. Click on this option to begin.

5. A popup window indicates different triggers for your email autoresponder. Select any trigger.

6. You can also set whether you want to send the email autoresponder immediately or after some time.

7. Click "OK" to confirm.

8. Your screen will display a new window where you can alter the text of your automatic email.

The template for the automated email will be available, but you can tailor it according to your needs. You can also include a link in the email to direct recipients to any section of your website or any other platform. Remember to update the "Subject" line because it will be the first line your recipients see.

You can also name the automated email for your reference and internal monitoring. When finished, you can either set this email autoresponder trigger right now or store it for later as a draft. Another plus point of Strikingly editor is that it enables you to send test emails to your email address to check how your email autoresponder looks.

Test email

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As previously explained, an email autoresponder has several advantages for your website and business. With an efficient marketing tool, you may engage with your consumers more effectively and conveniently. And if you do it nicely, you not only forge stronger bonds with your clients but also establish a more extraordinary reputation and credibility, which practically increases your chances of success.

Email automation is just one of the numerous Strikingly tools that may assist you in optimizing your site's development and marketing strategies. Remember that email autoresponders are a small component of more extensive marketing plans. Although it is an efficient marketing tool, it will only provide some user experience your clients demand. However, Strikingly can support your other marketing initiatives and your email autoresponder. Sign up with Strikingly today to explore several different marketing tools and boost your sales.