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SIYUN Beauty Salons

Company Name

SIYUN Beauty Salons


SIYUN Beauty Salons is offline light-luxury beauty care chain store in China. Facing huge competition in this industry, SIYUN has to seek an effective way to engage with its members and retain new customers as well. In China, Wechat is the most popular social tool, and almost every customer SIYUN targets at, women aging 20 to 50, has her own Wechat account and spends lot of time on Wechat. So, SIYUN would like to build a digital commerce platform to help it better promote its brand and sell its service in Wechat ecosystem


With Strikingly’s Wechat mini program builder solution, SIYUN Beauty Salons built its digital commerce Wechat mini program quickly. In the mini program, customers are able to browse product pictures, look over details, and make purchase directly. Regular flash sales, and discount coupons are also good marketing method to attract customers. SIYUN provides services, so customer communication is very important for its sales. Different from many other digital commerce platform, SIYUN added staff service, ho, and sharing link in its min program, to ensure their customers are able to get consulting and share their experience in the first time.

Lessons Learned

For offline stores with their own stores, the flexible design of their own mini program can effectively bring online exposure and diversion to offline stores via Wechat ecosystem, playing an important role in store publicity and helping offline stores realize flow realization. At the same time, online mini program not only brings exposure to offline stores, but also provides a shopping mall function to make customers purchase goods directly.

AWS Customer Story: Strikingly SIYUN护肤管理连锁店

使用搭建在AWS平台的Strikingly提供的小程序SaaS服务, SIYUN护肤管理连锁店快速建立起自己的社交营销平台,与客户建立起更加紧密的联系。通过Strikingly小程序提供的在线客服和灵活的促销方式,SIYUN护肤管理连锁店为客户提供了及时的服务咨询和新产品销售推广,在短时间内快速开拓市场。这其中采用的AWS服务包括Amazon EC2、Amazon ECS、Amazon VPC、Amazon S3、Amazon Route 53、Amazon CloudFront、Amazon DynamoDB、Amazon Redshift、和AWS Lambda等。