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Royal Head Wrap

Company Name

Royal Head Wrap

Problem Statement/Definition

Royal Head Wrap is fashion brand for African fashion accessories. The company is located in London, United Kingdom. One key for business development is to deliver fashion trends and brand image to customers, fresh them the brand new products, and fulfill customer orders quickly. It is also important to attract and educate new customers. Royal Head Wrap had a store on, but since there was no landing page to tell this brand story, its sales was not very good. So Royal Head Wrap seek a digital commerce platform to help it build brand image, engage with customer, and connect all social channels.

Outcomes of Project

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With Strikingly website builder solution, Royal Head Wrap quickly built and published its online digital commerce platform – Managing an ecommerce site requires a lot of works. They have to make sure visitors receiving the latest news. Strikingly provides visual editor so Royal can edit all detailed contents and get a quick preview. If anything need to be tailored or changed such as name, description, category, image, or price & stock, for example, they just have to drag and drop a new picture, click “publish”, the most updated information would be online. This website also gives direct link to their UK and Amazon shop, giving more options to their customers. The website also has “Head Wrap Tutorial” session, in which customers learn how to tie a head wrap in a fashion way, has “Social Media” session, in which customer are able to get inspired on Instagram and follow on Facebook.

Lessons Learned

It is easier to be searched with a landing page. Customer get everything they need in this page and it also gives clear direction for their next action, either taking a tutorial or making a direct purchase.

AWS Customer Story: Strikingly Royal Head Wrap

通过使用Strikingly提供的网站发布SaaS服务,Royal Head Wrap迅速建立起自己的网站进行品牌宣传和进行流量引导,帮助其提升在亚马逊电商平台的销量。这其中采用的AWS服务包括Amazon EC2、Amazon ECS、Amazon VPC、Amazon S3、Amazon Route 53、Amazon CloudFront、Amazon DynamoDB、Amazon Redshift、和AWS Lambda等。