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KEKO Creative Corporation

Company Name

KEKO Creative Corporation


KEKO was formed by, and KEKO.product. focused on publishing comic, art, poetry and literature. Its target audiences were basically online comic fans. They thought “every book is a magic fruit”. Most of their fans were Chinese readers and some of them are from overseas. The demand for purchasing books or comic related product was decentralized, sometimes explosive and sometimes limited, so KEKO did need a quick and low budget digital commerce platform to help it display books and products, engage with customers, and manage orders efficiently.


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With Strikingly website builder solution, KEKO built a multi-language digital ecommerce website, , which would serve both Chinese and English readers. The website includes KEKO company introduction, artist gallery, online shop and etc. Comic fans are able to learn artists’ works, browse sold books and comic related products, and make online purchases. Because the website was mobile optimized, it more adapts to the target customers’ browsing habits and allow them to share it through messages or on Twitter easily. KEKO needed to manage their online store and website contents on daily base. With the easy-to-access editor, they could promote sales, check customers’ message or orders, and post new blogs either from web page or APP. KEKO also set different shipping rates based on their global market. Other features such as creating coupons and pre-orders also helped KEKO to secure their sales. After published, KEKO’s limited art work and popular books get sold out very quickly.

Lessons Learned

Finding a niche market is one way to help business grow. Most companies are using niche market to get their “super fans”. For startups like KEKO, estimating the cost and lowering the budget would greatly reduce the risk. Strikingly could reduce the trial and error cost as much as possible in order to quickly help startups find the right business model.

AWS Customer Story: Strikingly KEKO Creative Corporation

通过使用Strikingly提供的网站发布SaaS服务,KEKO Creative Corporation迅速建立起自己的电商平台,商品进行陈列展示、销售、和订单管理,极大的提高了商品销售和周转率。这其中采用的AWS服务包括Amazon EC2、Amazon ECS、Amazon VPC、Amazon S3、Amazon Route 53、Amazon CloudFront、Amazon DynamoDB、Amazon Redshift、和AWS Lambda等。