6 Easy Strategies For Email List Building

6 Easy Strategies For Email List BuildingA while back, we talked about why your blog needs an email list. Today, we’re diving head first into how – breaking it down into newbie friendly steps you can implement right away. These steps are so easy that even your grandma could do them (but let’s not give her too many ideas). Okay! Let’s get started.

1. Craft high-value lead magnets.

A lead magnet is something you offer your site visitors in exchange for their email addresses. While many sites give you the simple proposition to subscribe to an email list, far fewer dangle something special at you Read the rest

Launch Your Online Store with Strikingly. Simple Store is Here.

“Overall, the web is pretty sloppy – but an online store can’t afford to be.” – Paul Graham, YC

After months in the making, we’re incredibly excited to bring you Simple Store Beta – the easiest and fastest way to launch a beautiful online store. Based on countless requests from you guys, we’ve poured our best into building an eCommerce solution for everyone – burgeoning startups, makers and artisans, mom and pops, all of you. An online store represents the power to reach the world with your unique story, passion, and products. Now, that power is yours.

This isn’t your … Read the rest

Updating to Strikingly 4

Today, we’re releasing Strikingly 4, the biggest update to our editor in years. The Strikingly 4 editor has been rebuilt using the latest technology for a smoother, faster editing and viewing experience. Along with the tech upgrade, we’ve added features and functionalities so you can build a more powerful site and customizable site.

Available to all Strikingly users (Free, Limited, and Pro), here are some of the highlights in the new editor:

Template Switcher

The [Change Template] button under the Style panel allows you to try different templates without losing the work you’ve already put into your site. This means … Read the rest

The LinkedIn One-Click Personal Website Builder

We’re bringing you a quick, clean win: the LinkedIn One-Click Personal Website Builder. Anyone may now seamlessly convert the information from his or her LinkedIn profile into a beautiful and customizable personal website, in mere seconds, with just one click.

You have a variety of beautiful templates to choose from, plus a number of features you can explore and add based on your specific branding needs. For instance:

  • Add a dynamic background video to instantly capture your audience’s attention
  • Display your Instagram feed to promote your adventures and hobbies
  • Showcase your art or design portfolio as an attractive
Read the rest