Connecting Custom Domains to Your Site is Faster, Easier

Connecting a custom domain to your Strikingly site is easier and faster in this update. For those confused or frustrated with the domain connecting process, we’ve streamlined the steps you need to take from registration to integration! If you haven’t registered a custom domain yet, go do it with help from this handy guide.

With this new update, you can easily configure your domain settings in a handy-dandy dropdown menu in your Settings.

To start, you can choose to register a new domain or connect your existing domain through your editor Settings panel. In the Domains tab, enter your Read the rest

Strikingly Updates: Blog Section Layouts

Without further ado, we’ve brought you stylistic flexibility for the appearance of your blogs – we know you’ve craved it for some time! Now, you can freely choose and change up the best fit for your blog section, with our six different choices of layout. Some emphasize images. Some emphasize descriptions. All are beautiful. We’ll let the gif below do the talking.


Let us know what you think of the new blog layouts! And let us see what they look like, in the comments below 🙂

 … Read the rest

A Cheat Sheet for Writing Your Website

Zach Goldie is a copywriter based in Bristol, UK. Between his freelance work and blogging, Zach believes in writing honest, authentic copy that can capture attention and maximize your conversions. We asked Zach to write a website building cheat sheet, for those of you who have or are looking to kick off your online businesses!

Greetings from a fellow Strikingly user! I’ve been asked to share some advice how to write great copy for your site, so here’s a five-point cheat sheet for you to use as a mini guide.

The aim is to match the internal dialogue going on … Read the rest