How a SaaS Company Almost Killed It On Instagram

how a saas company almost killed it on Instagram

Part I: Follow/Unfollow | Part 2: Analytics | Part 3: Scheduling | Part 4: Engagement |
Part 5: User Generated Content | Conclusion

“Vanity metrics are the numbers you want to publish on TechCrunch to make your competitors feel bad.” – Eric Ries

You’ve started a company and you KNOW that Instagram is going to be the driving force behind sales and, eventually, the success of your business.

So you post your first image and check back every 15 minutes (we’re being generous on time here) to see how many people have “liked” it or left a half-hearted comment to Read the rest

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You Don’t Need Another Motivational Quote, You Need A Kick in the Ass



But a few motivational videos are okay. Ha!
But these are a little different.

Last week, you received a blog post on how 31 entrepreneurs found their first 100 customers.
Above all else, you have to appreciate their persistence and their ability to take action.

So for the rest of this month, we’re going to focus on just that: ACTION.

We all have items on a list we need to check off to feel accomplished for the day. Tasks that will push the needle forward and get us one step closer to where we want to be Read the rest

31 Ways to Find Your First 100 Customers

31 Ways to Find Your First 100 Customers
You did it. You finally f***ing did it!

You’ve come up with your business idea and now you’re going to execute, damnit.

You’ve gotten over the doubts and the procrastination!
You launched no matter what your friends, your family, your dog, thought, and now it’s time.

So you built your website (using Strikingly’s platform, naturally), posted some pictures, spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME tweaking your “About Us” page, and you hit “Publish”.

Then you wait for the droves of people to come to your website, and just throw money at you!

I’m here people!
I know you’ve been waiting for

Read the rest