How to Build A Landing Page That Converts

guy at computer with headphones

Some of us can remember what it was like when we built our first landing page.
We were terrible at it.
Really…it was laughable.

We we’re overthinking everything and googling questions like:
What information should you have in your landing page?
How the hell do you write copy?
How to design a landing page?
What exactly is a landing page for?
Wait…what’s the difference between a landing page and a website?

It took a lot of trial and error to really nail down this art form – from the design layout to the copywriting. Now, the majority of us can … Read the rest

22 Killer Outreach Emails That Worked

22 killer outreach emails that worked

“Outreach” is not “Broadcasting”

-Tim Soulo from Ahrefs

All online marketing campaigns are going to include email outreach to influencers, bloggers, or editors within publications.

A well written outreach email can produce backlinks, new clients, exposure to a new audience, turn a dissatisfied customer into a super fan, and more!

Unfortunately, most people are terrible at writing a good outreach email.

That’s why we’ve scraped the internet for some of the best outreach emails out there (including some of our own ;c>) from entrepreneurs like Alex Turnbull of GrooveHQ to The Customer Service Team of Zappos (writing one of the Read the rest

How an Eager Beaver, Noob Freelancer can do Customer Research

Einstein - How an Eager Beaver Noob Freelancer can do Customer Research

“If I had 20 days to solve a problem, I would take 19 days to define it”. -Albert Einstein

Think about your Freelancer’s journey like a Goofus and Gallant cartoon strip.

Goofus and Gallant How an Eager Beaver, Noob Freelancer can do Customer Research

The Goofus Way:

Step 1 – Publish your site.
Step 2 – Post it on your social media a few times a week and wait for the offers to NOT come pouring in. (
We’ve talked about this already. Stop that!)
Step 3 – Wonder where the hell everyone is. (Refresh…refresh…check your inbox every 7 minutes…)
Step 4 – Question where you went wrong. Hit up Google Read the rest

8 Non Hippie Dippy Ways to Building Better Habits

8 Non Hippie Dippy Ways to Building Better Habits

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”   — Warren Buffett

About a year ago I started taking one dance class a week.
I started eating better – so I had the energy to keep up during this one hour class.
I worked out 3 times a week so I was more flexible, and stronger, to perform.
I was cleaner – putting the clutter away before I left and making my bed.
I felt less stress and an increased motivation to reach my goals, both professionally, financially, and personally.

Those hardwired Read the rest