Why You Need a Brand Strategy to Build Your Audience

Why You Need a Brand Strategy to Build Your Audience

You’ve got a great product or service.

You’ve worked hard on it, invested all your time and energy in making it awesome.

It’s your baby.

It’s something that people are going to love.

The problem is that they don’t know you, they don’t know your product.

And unless you’re a true innovator, there are bound to be products available which are very similar to yours. Of course, your competitors will have built their reputations over many years and will be well established.

How can you get anyone to take notice of you?

Well, the answer is branding. Branding is … Read the rest

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Connecting Custom Domains to Your Site is Faster, Easier

Connecting a custom domain to your Strikingly site is easier and faster in this update. For those confused or frustrated with the domain connecting process, we’ve streamlined the steps you need to take from registration to integration! If you haven’t registered a custom domain yet, go do it with help from this handy guide.

With this new update, you can easily configure your domain settings in a handy-dandy dropdown menu in your Settings.

To start, you can choose to register a new domain or connect your existing domain through your editor Settings panel. In the Domains tab, enter your Read the rest