How a SaaS Company Almost Killed It On Instagram

how a saas company almost killed it on Instagram

Part I: Follow/Unfollow | Part 2: Analytics | Part 3: Scheduling | Part 4: Engagement |
Part 5: User Generated Content | Conclusion

“Vanity metrics are the numbers you want to publish on TechCrunch to make your competitors feel bad.” – Eric Ries

You’ve started a company and you KNOW that Instagram is going to be the driving force behind sales and, eventually, the success of your business.

So you post your first image and check back every 15 minutes (we’re being generous on time here) to see how many people have “liked” it or left a half-hearted comment to Read the rest

The LinkedIn One-Click Personal Website Builder

We’re bringing you a quick, clean win: the LinkedIn One-Click Personal Website Builder. Anyone may now seamlessly convert the information from his or her LinkedIn profile into a beautiful and customizable personal website, in mere seconds, with just one click.

You have a variety of beautiful templates to choose from, plus a number of features you can explore and add based on your specific branding needs. For instance:

  • Add a dynamic background video to instantly capture your audience’s attention
  • Display your Instagram feed to promote your adventures and hobbies
  • Showcase your art or design portfolio as an attractive
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The Best Ways to Promote Your Personal Brand Online

Unless you’re all up with that self love mindset – promoting your personal brand may seem a little daunting and conceited. Realistically though, it doesn’t have to involve a whole lot of bragging and can be really fast, easy to maintain, and 100% free.

Promoting your personal brand is investing in yourself, and your career. And it’s never been easier.

  1. What is a Personal Brand?
  2. Why Should You Care About Personal Branding?
  3. How to Perfect Your Personal Branding Strategy
  4. Change the Way You See Online Presence
  5. Post with Purpose
  6. Differentiate Yourself
  7. Get Well Connected
  8. Be a Storyteller, Not a Salesman
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An Ultimate Guide to the LinkedIn One-Click Online Resume Builder

LinkedIn is a potent tool that allows you to reach out to influential people in your industry. But let’s face it – the user interface is ugly and not personalized. The social elements can distract readers from your individual expertise. It’s not optimal as a profile of your professional experiences. You need an one-page online resume that gives an overview of your career trajectory.

Looking for a free online resume builder? Look no more. With the LinkedIn One-Click online resume builder, you can literally make an online resume website in five seconds. It pulls the data off your LinkedIn … Read the rest