How to Get into Y Combinator – the No BS Approach

I’m David Chen, CEO of Strikingly. We applied to YC twice, and got in the second time. If you’re interested in the full story of our startup journey, you can check out this Forbes article.

Since Strikingly graduated from Y Combinator in 2013, I’ve frequently been asked by our users and friends on how to get into Y Combinator. And I’ve been fortunate enough to have helped a few amazing teams with their successful applications.

So as YC opens up applications for the Summer 2016 funding cycle, I’ve summarized my recommendations and included excerpts from our application to Read the rest

6 Easy Strategies For Email List Building

6 Easy Strategies For Email List BuildingA while back, we talked about why your blog needs an email list. Today, we’re diving head first into how – breaking it down into newbie friendly steps you can implement right away. These steps are so easy that even your grandma could do them (but let’s not give her too many ideas). Okay! Let’s get started.

1. Craft high-value lead magnets.

A lead magnet is something you offer your site visitors in exchange for their email addresses. While many sites give you the simple proposition to subscribe to an email list, far fewer dangle something special at you Read the rest

7 Website Design Failures That Make People Bounce

7 website design failures that make people bounceYour website relies on the kindness of strangers to survive. If those strangers come to your site and then leave almost immediately, you’re in serious trouble.

Not to be dramatic or anything, but you simply cannot afford to have a high website bounce rate.

What is bounce rate?

In simple terms, it’s the rate of visitors who leave your site after only one page (if that). A high bounce rate is pretty much the worse fate any website can suffer, as it indicates that haven’t given people enough reason to stay on your site. Your website bounce rate tells you Read the rest

4 Tips To Master Your Branding Across Social Media

Social Media Marketing StrategyOnce upon a time, social media was a magical land where you went to escape from work. You bonded with fellow fans over your favorite obsessions, stalked classmates or colleagues, posted passive-aggressive messages directed at that special somebody…

Times have changed. Today, social media is serious business– with it, you’ve got a golden opportunity to craft and communicate your branding online.

If we googled your name or the name of your business, what would first page results return? We’ll bet one or more of your social media profiles pop up. Now if you want to control that reputation and branding Read the rest