How To Win Over Your Site Visitors With Social Proof

How to win over your site visitors with social proofDo you have a healthy flow of site visitors, yet only a few of them stick around to become customers? Your analytics aren’t lying to you – according to a Hubspot study, 55% of your site visitors will leave within the first 15 seconds. That means you’ve got mere seconds to impress your site visitors enough to keep them around. Can it be done? Absolutely!

Have you heard of the term social proof? Here’s the gist of it: People trust opinions, reviews, and validation from others. When someone endorses a brand, it helps justify one’s own purchase. That’s because … Read the rest

11 Free Tools To Bootstrap Your Business

11 Free Tools to Bootstrap Your BusinessWould you like to create a beautiful, efficient business – but need to do it with nothing but the lint in your pockets? That’s what ‘bootstrapping’ is all about: creating your business without startup capital from outside sources.

Sure, it can be difficult to create a business when you don’t have tons of money in the bank. But it’s also so rewarding to build a business from scratch because you’ve paid for it with your blood, sweat, and tears (and maybe a little help from this guide.)

11 Free Tools To Bootstrap Your Business

Let’s take a look at some Read the rest

Strikingly Stories: Nathan Robertson

In this episode of Strikingly Stories we had a chat with Nathan Robertson, multitalented and adventurous 2015 Venture for America Fellow with a flair for doing things different. From theatre kid to media buff to accidental entrepreneur – from Oklahoma to China and back – Nathan shares with us his thoughts about risk, entrepreneurial spirit, and some unique learnings from his own story so far.  

Nathan RobertsonTell us a little about yourself?

I’m a senior at the University of Oklahoma, raised in Norman, Oklahoma, with a taste for risk and adventure. I’ve helped launch two companies, and I just got back Read the rest

3 Types of Highly Engaging Website Content

3 Types Of Highly Engaging Website ContentCuriosity beckons your site visitors, but what keeps them and draws them deeper in, past the site header? Content. And not all content is created equal – good content has to be able to entertain, educate, and engage your site visitors with clear value.

Your website content can be split into three main types: static, interactive and ongoing.

Your static content rarely changes. Think of your header images, or paragraph form sections such as ‘About Me’. Static content is timeless and reliable, and also helps balance out longer, busier content.

Interactive content draws your audience to engage with Read the rest