Growing Your Brand With A Social Feed

Growing Your Brand With A Social FeedYou’re active all across the web – you tweet links, share stunners on Instagram, and Facebook-update your followers on all your latest news and happenings. If only there was a way to take all your constant posts from different social media platforms and curate them in one centralized location… Wait a minute, there is! And it’s one of our freshest features here on Strikingly– the social feed.

What is a Social Feed?

We’ve introduced social feeds before in our post, 3 Types of Highly Engaging Website Content – but basically, a social feed is a site section that allows Read the rest

3 Easy Ways To Promote Your Brand For Free

3 Easy Ways To Promote Your Brand For FreeYou’ve done the hard part– you took that crazy idea that hardly anyone believed in, and built a business that you love. Now, it’s time to tell the world about it. But how? Where do you start? 

Whether you’re a freelancer or a solopreneur who runs a small business, it can be challenging to create that initial buzz, or continually generate positive word of mouth to feed your business. Short of taking out a billboard at Times Square, how do you get people to know that you exist?

The answer may be easier (and cheaper) than you think. In fact, Read the rest

Strikingly Stories: JustSaiyan

JustSaiyanJustSaiyan is an anime apparel company that brings Japanese hit series Dragon Ball Z to life, for its countless fans across the globe. We spoke with founder and ‘Chief Saiyan’ Mark Norman, whose unbridled zest for life – power level way over 9,000 (fans out there, run for cover!) – has honestly been difficult to contain in a mere blog post. We’ve done our best… !! 

Tell us about yourself Mark – where you’re from, what you’re all about!

Well I am From New Zealand.. basically the bottom of the earth, no I’m not a hobbit haha!! NZ is a Read the rest

Updating to Strikingly 4

Today, we’re releasing Strikingly 4, the biggest update to our editor in years. The Strikingly 4 editor has been rebuilt using the latest technology for a smoother, faster editing and viewing experience. Along with the tech upgrade, we’ve added features and functionalities so you can build a more powerful site and customizable site.

Available to all Strikingly users (Free, Limited, and Pro), here are some of the highlights in the new editor:

Template Switcher

The [Change Template] button under the Style panel allows you to try different templates without losing the work you’ve already put into your site. This means … Read the rest